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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

January 4th 2012 - Quiet Day

Today has been relatively quiet, this morning I got a call from the friendly Tania Percy of Orion Health, she told me that WorkSafe BC probably won't find an apartment for me in Richmond because most of the Homes they have are for people that require a lot more help, and I'm more independent then that.  Orion Health can probably find a home for me around Cambie & Broadway in Vancouver, which would also be great as Avigilon where I work I can take Cambie all the way to Richmond, then on Viking Way et Voila! at the office.  I'm anxiously waiting to hear back from her.  Darrell at Jan's Place was having trouble sending an e-mail, although he works on a PC not a MAC I did help him send the e-mail, it's not Rocket Science.  My iPhone 4 was telling me that it couldn't SYNC as it was low on memory, I check and it said I had over 1 Gb left, a quick Google search I learned that I'm not the only one, it appears that iTunes creates duplicates of songs and creates .AIFF format which takes way more storage space, I deleted all duplicates in iTunes and Sync the iPhone and  everything is now working "A" O.K.  I talked to my sister Line and Mom via SKYPE they really like their video phone.  As it was only 8:30 PM in Tracadie-Sheila I decided to call someone I call "Maman Losier" which is like my second mother, Eliette Losier is the mother of good friends, her oldest Jean-Luc Losier graduated from High School with me and joined the Canadian Forces with me, when I left the Forces and worked at Enseigne Lumines Signs in Tracadie, he also worked there, Now he works for Federal Corrections in Renous Maximum Security Prison, her second son Serge Losier I still call him Mr. Guerre(Mr. War), when he was younger he would draw  a lot of great drawings and murals about War scenes, hence Mr. War.   He's currently the V-P of Acadian Peat Moss in Lameque, NB where he's been since he left University, Her  third son Robert Losier I call him "Pipo" when he was younger he would always sing the children song "As-tu connue Pipo, Pipo, dans l'temps qu'il étais Militaire, As-tu connue Pipo, Pipo, dans l'temps qu'il étais Matelots"   His Dad named him Pipo and I keep calling him Pipo, he's now a successful Dentist in Tracadie-Sheila, married to Michèle Provençale also a Dentiste in Neguac, NB and their daughter Gabrièle is studying to also be a dentist at McGill University in Montreal, Qc.  A small world, my Cousin Denis Forest, DDS, MSD was one of Pipo's Instructor at McGill University where he use to teach Oral Surgery.  Maman Losier has only one daughter, the Beautiful Marie-Josée Losier which lives in Newfoundland and is currently in Jamaica with her Fiancée Dr. Chokk Producer for JamDoggz Group.  Marie-Josée also directed and  her Fiancée Dr. Chokk produced the Music Video called "Formula for Love",  Marie-Josée is like my little sister, I've been calling her "Dou Dou" since she was very small as her Dad called her "Dou Dou" also because she would pet her cat and would say "Dou-Dou", which in french translates to "Soft Soft".  To see some of their photos, I've added towards the end of the following page on my BLOG

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