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Sunday, 8 January 2012

My Apartment in Pitt Meadows with my friend Kurbitten

This weekend I went to my apartment on Pitt Meadows with my friend Kurbitten she likes the place usually doesn't want to come back,  Here a few pictures below from the last trip:

Kurtbitten checking the apartment, the washroom and litter box

Kitchen with her meal

Outside my office

on my bed at Jan's Place


  1. LOL, she's a cute little kitty, isn't she? She looks a bit healthy. Is she pregnant or just overweight? Looking at your pictures, it seems your apartment is just new. How long have you been staying here?

    Debera Schiraldi

  2. Funny, she's not pregnant, just well Fed, The apartment is in a Co-Op in Pitt Meadows, BC Canada, I've been there for over 8 years, it's not new at all, I think it was built when Jesus Christ was a Lance Corporal in the Jewish Army:-) That long, I'll be moving out of there shortly as I've kept the place empty for over 3 years since my Plane Crash Aug 3rd 2008 and I've been in Re-Hab since I got out of the Hospital, the good news is that I'm happy to be alive and the doctors all told me that I can resume skydiving again, I was a skydiving Photographer when the twin engine plane crashed from 3900' All is good. Blue Skies

  3. I'm sure your cat will be missed by your former apartment. How is she right now and where will you be living after you move out of your apartment?

    Tyrone Swopes

  4. I've already moved in Vancouver along the East Broadway corridor and Kurbitten has made the transition very well, she still likes to sleep most of the time, but gets around and has found new places to look outside, she like the place. Blue Skies, JP