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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Super Busy Day Today 19 Jan 2012

What a day, it was great.  It started out in the morning  I took a Taxi to Orion Health in Burnaby to meet Tania Percy,  Thanks for the Cab Pat MacIntosh & WorkSafe BC,  Tania drove us to Vancouver on East 7th to have a look at a transition home for me,  the place is not bad, it's only a one bedroom but it should be enough for me and Kurbitten until I find a 2 Bedroom in Richmond closer to work in 6-12 months.  I took the SkyTrain to Waterfront station then the Millennium line to SW Marine Drive where I walk to Vancouver Honda, I had an appointment with Tim Kanik,  I had already done a credit Ap with my Bank that I was going to use to finance my car up to 19G as I didn't know exactly which one I wanted other then it had to have airbags and not older than 2000, RBC told me I was approve for 19G at 8.04% interest with payments of about $470 a month.  I had that in my pocket to see what Honda would offer me. Well I sat down with Tim he said lets have a look at a few cars, there was a blue one and a white one which had 26K kms a few hundred kilometers less than the blue one but also a 2009.  I took the 4 door white Honda Accord LX for a test drive with Tim we went to Richmond and back and I liked it.  Tim offered 1.16% interest, I like that much better than what I had with RBC, I gave them a 2G deposit which  will bring the payments decent and no penalty for early payments.  I took the SkyTrain back to Langley had Diner at Red Robin and continued on the bus to my apartment in Pitt Meadows to pick-up my Veteran's plate from my old Mazda6,  I took the Bus back to Langley, but when I got to the final stop to take the bus back to Langley they had stopped for the night.  I called Jan's Place and told Glenda that I was going back to my apartment in Pitt Meadows and spend the night and be back tomorrow morning to take a Taxi to work in Richmond, after work I'll pick up my car.  Surprisingly enough at my apartment I don't have any cable to charge or upload the photos from my iPhone and iPad that I took of the new apartment and my Honda,  you'll have to wait until tomorrow.  Good Night, signing off at 11:30 PM  Here are some photos as I'm waiting for the Taxi to work & back tonight,  I'll pick up the car when it stops snowing:

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