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Saturday, 25 June 2011

JP's Souvenir Challenge Coins

I thought I would show you my Challenge coin collection.  I only carry my Canadian Airborne Coin, it saves me money on beer when challenged.

Canadian Airborne Coin #3019
Canadian Airborne Coin 40th Anniversary edition #3019

New Canadian Airborne Coin

Canadian Airborne Regiment Un-official Website

US Secret Service Medallion

Commanding Officer USS Abraham Lincoln

7th Corps LRRP Airborne
Got this coin from my Good Friend CSM(Ret) Gary Baura a few years back

POW-MIA 20th Anniversary Rolling Thunder Medallion

Got this one from my Good Friend CSM(Ret) Gary Baura on the 24th April 2012 in Vancouver, BC

US Sniper One Shot, One Kill Medallion

Operation Iraqi Freedom Liberate Iraq Medallion

US Army Parachutist Medallion

Saint Michael Medallion Patron Saint of the Airborne

Navy SEAL Coin

Got the above when Master Chief Fricks and his wife visited me after my plane crash, he was SEAL Team 1 & 2 great guy
Uncle Jim also got me the 2 SEAL souvenir below in Nov 2016 as well

The Arch of Saint Louis medallion
Gateway Arch Website

Centennial Coin of Muskogee, Oklahoma

CIA Coin

Canadian SIU(Special Investigation Unit) medallion

SSF(Special Services Forces) Ironman Challenge Medallion

10 year Anniversary Medallion of the Sept 11th Attack on the USA

Cap Badge from Hong Kong Police(HKP) given to me by Brian Sun a former inspector with HKP that worked with me at Intercon Security


Canadian Forces National Counter-Intelligence Unit(NCIU)
received from a colleague that was in CFB Chatham with me in 1985 and will be the Branch next Career Manager CWO


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