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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Vacation to New Brunswick

Well it's official I'm booked for my flight to Moncton, NB and back, two weeks should be good.  Fernand Morais is coming with me and will drive me home once we get to Moncton.  Here's the itinerary

Above is  the ASUS Videophone Touch AiGuru SV1T that I purchased for my Mom in New Brunswick,  I already programmed it with my SKYPE address, my Brother Emile, Niece Kimberly, sister Diane in Montreal, Nephew Jason in Saskatoon, Sk. my Godson Anthony now in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and we can add a lot more.  My mom will now be able to talk and see us using SKYPE.  It is a touch screen video phone so when she sees our name and she  just have to touch the screen and it will automatically call us, if were on-line,  Cool  While I'm in Tracadie, I'm also going to install a 25' Telescoping Flag Pole for my sister Line or Sylvie to put our Forest Family Flag I got made last Christmas.  I ordered it on-line and it has already arrived at my Mom's place waiting for me to install it.  Here's a couple of video of the Telescoping Flag Pole.  I also ordered and will pay for her High speed internet so she can use the SKYPE phone free, below is the video of the Telescoping Flag Pole

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