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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Bus Ride to Pitt Meadows by myself

Well this morning I went to my apartment in Pitt Meadows, BC by BC Transit Bus by myself  it was only two buses, the 595 to get to Pitt Meadows and the 701 to get to Harris Rd I walked to the DZ where I met another skydiver John Hardy who lent me a 8mm camera that I needed to convert old 8mm tape to DV.  I went to my apartment with it and for some reason the camera would not Play any tape so I couldn't convert any.  I guess I'll have to buy the one I saw on eBay.  After Transit resumed because they had stopped for 2 hours during the Pitt Meadows day parade, I took the Bus home to Langley, BC

At my Apartment on Ford Road I checked my apartment running the water and got some files from my Apple G-5 computer.  Couldn't get John Hardy camera to work I walked back to the BC Transit Bus Stop and returned to Langley, BC

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