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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Another Bus Ride to Pitt Meadows by myself

Well today I went to my apartment in Pitt Meadows, BC by BC Transit Bus by myself  it was only two buses, the 595 to get to Pitt Meadows and the 701 to get to Harris Rd next to The Jolly Coachman Pub on Ford Road.  I Walked to my apartment and got some files and took pictures of my apartment with my iPhone4

At my Apartment on Ford Road I checked my apartment running the water and got some files from my Apple G-5 computer, and took pictures of my apartment with my iPhone4.  I walked back to the Jolly Coachman Pub, where I had lunch there.

I had Bacon wrapped scallops for appetizer and I had chicken wings and fries and Louisiana Hot Sauce for wings on the Side and a  Large Coke as they don't have Pepsi and I'm not a Beer drinker at all after that I took the bus back to Langley

My Office, with portable AC Unit

Wood Bedroom set
Britannica Encyclopedia set, de Forest-Crosley Vacuum Tube Radio that still works, and a 16 mm projector on top of Radio and small sofa

Living room with an electric wood stove, entertainment centre, and set of Britannica Encyclopedia
Sofa(Couch) hidden bed
Coconut shell used at Anthony's Baptism and a lock of his first haircut and his name in Hawaiian art lettering
Kitchen Table
Cup Board 
Microwave oven and sink
Kitchen Fridge and stove
Framed print of RCMP 125 year collector stamps in uncut sheet


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