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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Another Great day at Avigilon, Productive day 5 June 2012

Got my Prescription from Dr. Waiz this morning, I should be good for a couple of months,  stopped by South House and saw my Good friend Michael Coss, Beryl & Rennie, then I drove to Richmond to work and stayed later until 1830 hrs to make it an even 8 hours.  When  I got home I found an old video when we started at Bentall Tower, here it is for laughs and giggles,  we have gone so far since, but we were right we have revolutionized CCTV.  Enjoy.

Above is an image I took from our Avigilon Control Center when we started Avigilon and I was testing the cameras, your actually able to see the licence plate of the car behind the first car, just increasing the Dynamic Range in Adobe Photoshop, it proves once again that the information is there in the image not lost through "Lossy" compression.

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