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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Saturday 2 June 2012 visiting the DZ & Back

I had a great productive week at work,  I've been working on my Keynote presentation and it's coming along,  I haven't been updating my BLOG everyday, my Bad.  Lots of things on the go.  Today I took a drive to the DZ saw Dave Dave when I got there as he was leaving, went inside and saw Debbie the DZ Manager and Ricki they appeared very busy,  I didn't stay long, I drove back home to Vancouver, stopped for a small grocery, basically got a good steak for the Barbie that I had tonight.  Went to Trout Lake CC Gym and met Alan Tam, but when we got there they apparently had a function and the Gym was close.  So tomorrow it is @ 14:30hrs.   Good Night.

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