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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Sat 30th June 2012 - Good Pic Nic

Well, I was officially invited even if I don't live at Connect Communities anymore, I knew that Jill & Janette was probably hoping that I would bring my "Famous" chicken wings,  I made some last night, warmed them-up in the over this morning before I left and when I got to Langley, they were still warm and quite good.  To me they were very good, but I'll reserve Judgment and see what other people are saying. They were all gone within minutes of being open.  I saw my Good Friend Michael Coss, my hero Myles Burgett and his mom, my former OT Adele MacNeill, Janette Jackman, the Leader of Operations for Connect, Glenda Bigueta and her husband Rod and family,  the kids have grown, they should at least be called "Young Man"  and several more people from Connect, overall it was a great afternoon, there's a couple I didn't see, Beryl Morel and one of my favourite the beautiful Ms. Belle, it's so fitting because "Belle" in French does mean "Beautiful" I only wish I was 25 years younger:-) I only took a few photos here they are below:

 The President, John Sherwood
Leader of Operations, Janette Jackman
 the real Boss in Langley
 on the right Jill Koppang, Resource Teams Leader
I wonder if they have a Permit to build infrastructure like these :-)
 Eric with Mark arriving
 My good Friend Michel Coss arriving with Melvin

 Jill Koppang all proud of her construction, still standing
of course with the help of her Grandson
 Move over Chef Ramsay, were cooking here
 me and my Buddy Michael Coss
I had made about 50 wings, they were open, I went to get my camera at the table not far, when I got back, that's all that was left,  I guess if the Camera manufacturing business don't work, I can always open a chicken wings restaurant:-)  I don't think so, I can see Avigilon Corporation in 20-30 years, people won't remember the Google, Microsoft, Apple but they'll know Avigilon in just 6 years we were voted the Number One software company in North America by Deloitte Technology 500 ahead of such as Linkedin(49th) and Google(425th).  Probably why our stock price keeps going up and up, I have no problem with that at all.
 Glenda Bigueta
 Michael Coss giving the thumbs-up, hope it was for the wings
 Gerd & Mary Anne
 My Hero, Myles Burgett
 Chef Jill Koppang in her supervising capacity
although she applied for the Chief Taster's job
Susanne waving
 Michael Coss and Melvin
 Rod & Glenda Bigueta
 Me and Susan, John Sherwood's wife, lucky guy
Jim, Carla's Dad and Michael Coss
 Patti Flaherty, Executive Director @ Connect with Jim, Carla's Dad and Michael Coss
 My hero, Myles Burgett and his mom
 My hero, Myles Burgett and his mom

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