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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Joke of the Day - Tuesday 19 June 2012

I got these from someone's Facebook Page, it was in French but it was so funny  and I had to translate it word for word.  Because I left the Canadian Forces as a Master Corporal.  Enjoy.
The Master Corporal

The Muscle mass of a Master Corporal is superior to his Total Weight
If Light is Faster than a Master Corporal, it’s because it is afraid of him

When a Master Corporal says “he’ll have an eye at it”  he’s not talking about his

One day Santa Clause knock on the Master Corporal’s door, he since takes the Chimney

A Master Corporal never Lies, the Truth is just wrong.

When a Master Corporal smokes a Joint, the joint gets stoned

A Master Corporal never tries, he succeeds

The Master Corporal’s Pitt Bull has a sign on his dog house with “Warning Master Corporal”

When a Master Corporal watches the Horizon, he sees his back

When a Master Corporal goes to a Restaurant,  the Waiter leaves a Tip

Only since the Master Corporal Plays, it is only important to Participate

The Master Corporal plays Bowling by Himself,  Nobody goes near the Master Corporal’s Balls

The Master Corporal is the only Man to have a Bible that has been autographed

The Master Corporal can surround all his enemy’s by himself

When the Master Corporal takes a leak facing the wind, The wind changes direction

A Master Corporal can slam a door that’s already shut

A Master Corporal has already counted to infinity twice

Many people wears Superman Pajama’s,  Superman wears Master Corporal Pajama’s

A Master Corporal doesn’t wear a Watch, he decides what time it is.

A Master Corporal can divide by zero

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