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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Great Visit Today followed by a great diner with new friends

Today was a very good day,  I picked up Kurbitten from Protective Custody as I say, they didn't want a cat around when the Canine came with his handler to check the apartment for bed bugs or whatever they were looking for.  I had warned them that although Kurbitten may only be a Cat that weigh 12 lbs  she was very territorial and has taken dogs that were over  40 lbs and taught them that she was the Boss.  The inspector advised that I board her, I did and called it "Protective Custody" for the dogs protection not hers.  My good friend Rod Gregg in Texas ask me to pick up his uncle Jim and Aunt Betty at YVR Airport as they were taking the same Cruise to Alaska he and his wife Jackie did in 2007.  What an honour,  I met Uncle Jim & Aunt Betty at YVR Airport and took them to the hotel, they are great friends now, just like Rod, Uncle Jim is a retired US Navy Master Chief and was with SEAL Team one and two,  a legend,  he got me a nice SEAL Team One challenge coin, SEAL Team hat and T-Shirt, just amazing.  I got him a Military Vanity Plate that Rod and me designed and was made by a retired Canadian Navy fellow that does great work,  I think Uncle Jim liked it, I also gave him Don Little's contact info.   This evening they treated me to dinner at The Keg Restaurant and tomorrow all day will be my turn to give them a good tour of Vancouver and the area,  I'll take more photos, they saw how really good Rod can publish books using that I've used many many times after my crash.  Here are some  photos, much, much, more will come later.  Thanks for the intro Rod, great people like you guys.  BTW Aunt Betty said that I must say hi to Jackie for her, here it is officially on my BLOG "Hi Jackie" from Aunt Betty.

Uncle Jim holding Rod's book from his Alaska trip

Back to the Hotel Le Soleil in french means the Sun,  hope for sunshine tomorrow.

The plate designed by Rod & Myself and made by retired CPO2 Canadian NAVY Don Little

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