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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Great Evening last Night with my Friend Michael Coss

Last night was a great evening, I went to South House and picked up my Friend Michael Coss and we went out to diner.  Like myself, I knew Michael is also a good carnivore, we went to RIO Brazilian Steakhouse on Denman St in Vancouver for what I call a good "Meat Fest"  Love the place, if they can kill it and cook it, they'll serve it to you and they'll keep going until you turn your coster on the Red side which means you are done.  One of Michael's first word when he came out of his Coma, was "STEAK"  hope he had his fill last night, we'll probably return.  
Always the professional
"I am Canadian"

We chatted and drop by my small apartment he saw Kurbitten briefly.  I took a few photos of him at home.

I knew that Michael is a Philanthropist at heart and we had heard that some local establishment in Vancouver obviously could not afford a good Air Conditioning(AC) Unit because some of their staff and waitress would take their clothes OFF to work comfortably, so we decided to support them by going to see how big of a problem it may be.  We went to Brandi's Show Lounge, similar to Chez ParĂ© in Montreal that has the same AC problem, that we've supported many time before:-)

When we got there, they frown on cameras so we left the iPad with the friendly girl at the entrance and took a seat at the stage, where we noted that the AC problem is bigger than we thought, it appears that the AC was working fine in our section on the outside of the stage, but as the girls got "dancing" it must have been getting warmer and warmer, because they kept taking their clothes OFF until they were completely naked, then another cute girl would make her attempt and she also eventually had nothing on.  You have to "admire" the dedication of these young and beautiful girls to keep working in these conditions.  I didn't want to strain Michael's eyes too much, having both undergone various surgeries ourselves, I thought he should have a closer look at the skills of the surgeons in being able to hide all the scars of their hard work in "Plastic Surgery" So I had a girl give Michael a "Private Showing"  she must have done a good job, showing Michael the lack of scars as he came back with a big smile and a "Thumbs up" Unfortunately I had to return him to South House in Langley, I think like Cinderella he must disappear at Midnight or something, that's OK,  I'm sure we'll return to support them again, that just how generous we are :-)

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