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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Joke of the Day - Thursday 02 May 2013

Got this one from my good friend Rod in Texas.  He finds all the best jobs.

As you know since I retired, I have been searching for that right job that suits me.   I just felt that I wanted to give a little something back to the community.  

I have looked around a long time and think I might at last have found it. 
It had to be one where it did not feel like a chore, something enjoyable, something a little different from the ordinary day-in, day-out routine, and at last I am truly comfortable with the one I found. 

I no longer feel like my talents are being wasted on non-meaning, irrelevant trivialities, I feel really good again. In fact, I have found the perfect retirement job... Contestant Escort is the one for me...
It’s only $15.00 an hour, I think that`s good - I would have paid more if they had asked ...

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