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Monday, 6 October 2014

Joke of the Day - Where are humans from?

One day, a little girl asks her mother:

- Hey Mom, how were the very first parents born?

- Well, replied her mother, it is God who created the first human parents, Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve had children who later became parents themselves and so on.

Thus was formed the human family.

Two days later, the girl asked the same question to her father.

The latter replied:

- You see, millions of years ago, the monkeys slowly evolved to become human beings like we are today.

The very confused girl returned immediately to her mother:

- Mom! How is it possible that you told me that the first parents were created by God and Papa told me it was monkeys that evolved?

The mother replied with a smile:

- It's very simple sweetheart. I told you about my family and your father spoke of his own.

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