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Monday, 4 November 2013

Visit to CFB Chilliwack and Saluting Base

This weekend I had the chance to go see the new Saluting Base that engineers built in front of the former Parade Square in CFB Chilliwack.  The two links below is when I went to the Annual Sappers Reunion and met several retired Sappers, I met Jim Harris that was with the CFB Chilliwack Historical Society and they were giving the opportunity to have a Brick engraved with your name and MOC placed on the platform for a mere $100 a brick.  I got one for me and my brother Emile.  

The Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack Historical Society in collaboration with Retired Sappers Reunion Commmittee, University of the Fraser Valley, Canadian Military Engineer (CME) Branch Council, Canadian Military Engineer Museum (Gagetown NB), 192 Construction Engineer Flight, and 54 Engineer Field Squadron have combined to form a committee for the purpose of creating a landscaped memorial park incorporating existing CFB Chilliwack Memorials and saluting base. 

Link to first day of 39th  Retired Sappers Reunion:
First Page 39th Annual retired Sappers Reunion

Link to first day of 39th  Retired Sappers Reunion:
Second Page 39th Annual retired Sappers Reunion

Below are the photos I took this past weekend, they did a great job.  Chimo, UBIQUE

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