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Monday, 5 August 2013

August 3rd was 5 years to the day of my Plane Crash

I've always been told that no matter what happens you always have to get back on the horse, and it is true, and to me it was a way to form part of the Closure of the event that took 5 years of my life,  Here's some of the photos and the video, enjoy, I sure did.  I will write more later.

Some of the photos

Me and my Tandem Master Steve Janz(aka. Smiley) as we were leaving the DZ Smiley presented me with just an amazing gift that people will have to visit me to see,  Thanks Smiley, great one.

Thanking everyone for their support and also my President & CEO Alexander Fernandes who's taken the Company to a level that I'm so proud of, and were still growing, it's not over.

Michael Coss was my Room mate in South House at Connect Brain Injury Rehab facility in Langley and he was my inspiration.

presenting Michael with a cheque for $100,000 to the Michael Coss Brain injury Foundation.  A  great Foundation that will help Children with Brain Injury access to HBOT

Michael Coss  Thank You speech

Me and my Niece Kimberly

article from the Tri-City paper


  1. Way to go JP, I am so proud of you and your amazing recovery, you are an inspiration. I'm going to get my jump video out again later and relive the moment with you.

    All the best


  2. I know that this is your passion and a huge part of your life, JP. It is so rewarding to see you find your passion again. Perhaps not yet with the same freedom that you've known, but obviously, the first steps back into the world up there. Keep going, keep flying! Can't wait to see the next photos of you in the blue!

  3. you are a strong willed, stubborn, goal oriented inspiration JP! Nothing short of amazing. It is touching and inspiring to see these photos and your generosity is simply amazing. Congratulations and happy anniversary!

  4. JP! You are amazing, always were, always will be. It was so good to share this special day with you. Keep smiling Love Gloria

  5. You must be forever grateful to have a second life.
    It's almost incredible to have survived a plane crash.