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Sunday, 28 April 2013

39th Annual Retired Sappers Reunion, CHWK DAY 2

Today most of the Engineers played Golf, after they had a nice dinner at Tivoli Restaurant located at the RCMP Training Centre, the old CFOCS Mess.  I met them there and there were no injuries, probably because I didn't play Golf.  Very good dinner with nice placemat and menu.  Here are some photos.  Thanks to Jim Harris for helping me with names.  Chimo - UBIQUE

Menu cover

Menu Inside

Jean and Bill Stone, Bill Maylor, Fred Fleck, Mike Boughner, Joanne Boughner, Diane McLatchie, unknown;

Jean and Bill Stone

Pieter Van Der Maden

Hal Hickford

Mac Torrie

Mike Goodey

Donna and Mike Goodey

Mike and Emma O’Connor

Larry Laatsch and Don Rodger

Ngaire Pennell and Mrs Laatsch

Bob and Mrs Frigon

Wayne and Linda Marshall

Gary Waller and Jerry Fletcher

Gary Waller and Jerry Fletcher

June and Bruce Frey

Bob Pennell and Mrs June Frey

Marlene Rodger and Bob Pennell

Unknown and Eileen Hickford

Jim Harris and Ron Pitts

Craig and Johanne English

Jack and Lydia Nickle, Barry Johnson, Tove Olsen and Polly DiClemente

Danny Young

Phyllis and Pieter Van Der Maden

Ed Ashley (Chairman) and Gene Madden

Gene Madden

Luigi DiClemente and Jack Nickle

Phyllis van Der Maden and Pieter van Der Maden

Mrs. Lydia Nickle and Phyllis van Der Maden

Mrs. Lydia Nickle and Phyllis van Der Maden

Jack & Lydia Nickle

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