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Saturday, 27 April 2013

39th Annual Retired Sappers Reunion, Chilliwack, BC

This evening was pretty good, I got to go to Chilliwack and met some retired Combat Engineers, saw Tom Walton that was  my Airborne MWO and I was his driver, he retired as a Chief Warrant Officer.  Met Jim Harris that knew my TQ-3 instructor Jean-Yves Vermette, Jim was also EOD.  Here's a few photos, I'll go back tomorrow evening for the diner, for everyones safety, I won't be playing Golf with them,   I'm probably more dangerous with a Golf club then with a M-72 LAW, enjoy UBIQUE

I was booked on Base at the RCMP Training Centre where they have an Executive Hotel & Resort, the old CFOCS Mess, but they didn't have Wifi, so no choice but to drive back home, don't mind saved a few bucks.  Chimo

 CWO(Ret) Tom Walton and me
 on right Jim Harris

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