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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wednesday 4th July, 2012, Happy Independence day to our Neighbours south of the Border

Today was a good day off,  I had a teeth cleaning at Dr. Peter Stepney in Langley, drove there all was good, he's happy that I found my Sonic Care tooth brush.  Stop by South House and saw my good friend Michael Coss and Beryl Morel also the care taker, Glenda Bigueta was also working,  I didn't stay long,  took photos of the house for my book that I'm doing, went to the other house I stayed at and also took a photo, saw Mike Garing at Connect office, went back home, on the way home I had the munchies as I didn't have lunch yet, so I stop at Swiss Chalet and had my favourite lunch, got home at about 4 PM and download the photos from my camera and felt like a little Nap, took a Nap and woke up in a Panic all dressed up at 7:20PM not AM,  thought I had to go to work and got undressed  jumped in the shower, got out as my cell phone was ringing it was Alan Tam telling me if I was still meeting him at the gym,  oooffffff, what a relief, I told him yes and we went for a good workout,  thought it was AM and was getting ready for work, explains why I was all dressed up on my bed,  felt like I slept in,  what a relief.  Now I have a bit more time to write my BLOG I only work tomorrow morning, I did sleep very well even  if it was only 2 hrs.  Kurbitten was no help at all, she sleeps all the time, probably thought I was finally going to do like her and sleep.  Here's a few photos:

South House with my nice car :-)
South House where I stayed with Michael Coss, my good friend and inspiration
My Good Friend and inspiration Michael Coss
Beryl Morel
West House where I first stayed at
Headquarters General Office and Nerve Center
Connect Communities Office

Here's Kurbitten when she's not sleeping, she doesn't even get up to go look outside, she stays on the sofa arm(favourite spot to sleep) extends her paw, opens the vertical blinds slightly to look outside, if nothing, goes back to sleep, rough life really

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