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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Good Busy Weekend 20, 21, 22 July 2012

Very good weekend, working on my second Thank You Book, this one will be a lot different because it will be an iBook available for download from iTunes and will include most of the Photos I took in Re-Hab, wind Tunnel video and history of my background from the Canadian Forces to Now with photos and videos from different course or places I attended,  Love iBooks,   The best part it should be free to download from iTunes for my friends and they can view it on their iPod, iPhone, iPad or Tablet and take it with them.  I may not be able to work as a camera flyer due to the 2 broken vertebras in my neck, BUT, I can still take photos, the Chinese Proverb says "One Picture if worth ten Thousand words" so below is a couple of encyclopedias.  Today was a good busy day, I had an official invitation below in Pink and I Replied Yes, I wouldn't miss it, I got to go see the Baptism of my Good friends Greg & Shona Chopiuk's daughter Alyssa, she's adorable, below are some photos and I'll have the video later when uploaded,  after that I went for Diner at my friend Jerilyn Pagdanganan in Burnaby, she was  my Care Taker in Re-Hab and were good friends she taught me some Tagalog, her Phillipines Language,  like  "Maganda Ka"in english "Your Beautiful" that I could say to my other caretaker Belle Suay.  Because Belle in french is Beautiful and she is very Beautiful, problem is I'm old enough to be her dad if not her grand dad, but she was great eye candy as we say :-)Enjoy I had a great day.

After the Baptism I got to my Good friend Jerilyn's place in Burnaby and saw this below, I was happy, I'm a carnivore 100%, veggies is what animals eat, I eat the animals, cut out the middle man:-)  They had greens but not for this kid, I did eat some good cake, never say no to cake.  Thanks Jerilyn.

 Jerylyn serious about her cooking

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