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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday 19 May 2012 Oil Change, Gym, DZ, Keynote Presentation

Today was pretty good, I took my Car to Vancouver Honda to have an oil change as Friday while coming back from work, a little engine light lite-up on my display, I immediately pulled over to the side of the road in a near panic, stopped the engine and checked the engine oil,  All indicated that I had FULL oil on the dipstick, so I sat in my car and read the user manual, turns out that light is an early warning indicator to warn you to schedule an oil change, 15% used, what a relief,  I did the appointment, turns out that my first appointment was No Charge, On the House, that's pretty nice.  Went to Kaplan's Jewish Deli with Alan Tam and treated him to a nice Montreal Smoked Meat, I think he liked it.  Took a drive to Pacific Skydivers in Pitt Meadows,  all looks pretty good, saw Gord Allan, talk to Debbie, the DZ Manager and we'll try to schedule a Tandem jump for me on Aug 3rd 2012,  it would make it 4 years to the day of my plane crash, looking forward to that. I took my Stiletto Canopy off my Rig and will mail it to my Friend Yves Lalibert√© that just purchased it,  I got his cheque in my Pocket, I'll deposit it when I mail his canopy.  Still working on the Keynote presentation, just tweaking it, I'm a perfectionist.

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