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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday 19 May 2012 New Animations

My Good Friend from Texas, Rod Gregg sent me some animated GIF which were pretty good,  Hope they'll work on my BLOG  Enjoy.

Here are 9 great mechanical principles and inventions,
which show the greatness of the human mind.

Simple animation to explain complex principles:
1: Aircraft Radial Engine

2: Oval Regulation

3: Sewing Machines

4: Malta Cross movement -
second hand movement used to control the clock

5: Auto Change file mechanism

6: Auto Constant Velocity Universal Joint
7: Gun Ammunition loading system
8: Rotary Engine

an internal combustion engine,   the heat rather than the piston movement into rotary movement

9: Boxter Engine -
 it's cylinders lined up side by side 


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