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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Great Evening – The Courage to Come Back Award – 17 May 2012

I was so happy I got to go see my good friend and former room mate at South House Michael Coss receive his Courage to Come Back Award at the Vancouver Convention Center, I sat with his brother Dwayne & Brian at the Table and had both my HD Video and  Canon 60D digital camera for photos and even brought my long lenses 70-200mm and a 2X converter making it a 400mm Lens,  I was ready to Take-on the world.  First, Congratulations Michael you are an inspiration and the True Courage to Come Back.    Second I have to apologize to you and your family for my actions,  I should be getting the Stupid Award, and been charge under section 13 of the SCA which is “Being Stupid in a No Stupid Zone”,  I assumed that my Digital still camera lenses were on auto focus as it is 99.9% of the time BUT, it was on Manual focus, and I should have know not to assume, all my time in the Army we were always told Never, Ever Assume,  it makes an Ass of and Me,  so all my digital photos are slightly out of focus except 2 photos not taken by me, of Michael & Me in the photo which turned out great. And a few by a Professional Photographer that I took on   At least the video camera maintained focus even if we were half a mile away;-)  Enjoy what I took even if there are slightly out of Focus, again Sorry Michael,  I’m sure you’ll be getting many more awards, already setting a record in Donations just short of one Million in one evening and I have learned my lessons and will take much better photos next time, and yes,  I Believe.

Michael & Me great photo in Focus, not taken by Me
Michael & Me great photo in Focus, not taken by Me

My Ticket little souvenir

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