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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A great day after all Wednesday 16 May 2012

Well,  Today was not a bad day, received my Mess Kit Buttons from CMPA and drop them off at Claymores Clothes in Vancouver, another couple of weeks I should get it all back.  I got both Military Vanity Plates in the Mail that I had ordered for some friends, they look great. Also bought a nice shirt for the Gala tomorrow. Went to the Gym with Alan Tam,  good Work Out,  Saturday is his last day so I'll treat him to Kaplan's Jewish Deli for a good Montreal Smoked Meat and we'll go work it off after, someone else will be replacing him,  I haven't heard who yet.  Got a cheque from my friend Yves Lalibert√© in Ontario he's buying my Stiletto 150 canopy,  I'll send it to him this weekend.  Off to work tomorrow, and in the Afternoon the Courage to Come Back Awards Gala,  that should be awesome, I'm bringing both cameras, HD Video and  Digital Still,   I should have a good BLOG entry on it.  Gotta go make a sandwich.  Good Night.

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