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Saturday, 3 December 2011

My Apartment in Pitt Meadows with my friend Kurbiten

Today I went to my apartment on Pitt Meadows to contribute at  Pet Policy.   I first went there and set-up a Kitty Litter box and canned food.  She didn't take long, and was feeling at home.   Kurbiten welcome  home      Tonight I go  to Debbie & Ian's place for the DZ X-Mas dinner,  Here a few pictures below:

Jan's Place all decorated forX-Mas

Kurtbiten checking the apartment, the washroom and litter box

Kitchen with her meal

Outside my office

on my bed at Jan's Place


  1. It's nice that you have a pet kitty in your apartment. Kurbiten is a very unique name, by the way. It is commendable that you follow the rules and regulations regarding house pets, err, I mean friends. XD

    Debera Schiraldi

  2. This looks like a very cozy apartment. How long have you been living here? Also, how much does the rent cost? It looks very spacious, and I love the fact that it has carpeted floors. Are there available apartments in the area?

    Clorinda Altavilla

  3. info on the apartment can be found in this document: