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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Last Night In Regina with my Brother's family

Tonight was a good last night in Regina,  My Brother Emile treated the family at Casino Regina Restaurant where I had a great Salisbury Steak, Mushrooms and little potatoes, everyone ate well and I went with my favourite niece Kimberly and watched her play the video slots machine, by the end of the evening  I believe she came even or may have lost a few bucks,  My Brother won $500.00 and I told his wife Judy of his winning which I don't think he appreciated, I played "donated" $10 bucks because I'm not a game player at all and I just wanted to say I tried it, mostly because Regina Casino is one of our first Casino clients at Avigilon, they have our cameras outside.  Overall it was a good evening.  I leave for Vancouver tomorrow afternoon and Colin Comeau aka. "Paco" is picking me up at the airport.  Good Night, Bonne Nuit

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