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Sunday, 9 October 2011

World Acadian Congress(WAC)Cap Pelé, NB in 1994

In 1994 I went to the World Acadian Congress(WAC) with my brother Emile, his daughter Francine and son Jason, we saw many cousins and saw Denis Forest, DDS, MSD that was President of the AFFDA(ASSOCIATION of FOREST, FORET and de FOREST OF AMERICA)  The pictures below were taken from Cousin Jean-Paul Forest from Saint John, NB.

 Grand Father Adelard Haché on far right

our Cousin Gerry Forest from Saint John, NB and his daughter
from right cousin Jean-Paul Forest, uncle Edmund Forest
from right uncle Edmund Forest aunt Noella

Uncle Johnny Forest

Grand Father Jean-Emile Forest
Jean Forest and his wife
Jean-Paul and his dad uncle Johnny Forest

Napoléon Forest wife
Napoléon Forest 
William Forest family

WAC Cap Pelé 1994 Part 01

WAC Cap Pelé 1994 Part 02

WAC Cap Pelé 1994 Part 03

WAC Cap Pelé 1994 Part 04

WAC Cap Pelé 1994 Part 05

WAC Cap Pelé 1994 Part 06

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