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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Trying new things - Chuck E Cheese's

Well I walk past the place every time I go to the Post Office and just thought it was another "Burger Joint" like McDonalds attracting kids with games as a gimmick.  I had never been in there and today while walking back to the Bus Stop I thought "Why Not"  I'll try some junk food for lunch.  I walked in and it looked like an Arcade, I went to the counter and order a Cheeseburger fries and drink, the lady behind the counter looks at me funny and says they don't have any burgers or fries,  I was stunned, I thought it was a  "Burger Joint"  she then told me that they serve Pizza, I had no idea, so I ordered a small pizza and drink and they also give you a small cup of tokens for the games machine.  I guess anything to attract kids and their parents wallets.  The pizza was not bad considering if don't mind eating in the middle of an Arcade, not the first place I would go for a Pizza.  At least I can say "Been There", "Done That", "Sent the Postcard" or in my case, wrote about it on my BLOG.

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