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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Joke of the Day - Sunday 02 October 2011

A woman phones the hospital "Hello can I speak to the person who gives information about patients? I want to know how is one of your patients and if she is improving or not." The Clerk looks at the application; ... What is the name of the patient and what room number? "Alice Lapointe room 302." Just a moment I’ll provide you with the Responsible person 3-A Hello! How can I help you? I would like to hear about Alice Lapointe room 302. One moment please, allow me to consult her file ... Ms. Lapointe is doing very well. She has already taken two meals, her blood pressure is good, we will disconnect the heart monitor in a few hours. And if everything continues as well, Dr. Beaudoin should give her leave in a day or two. The woman exclaims! What a relief! Oh! but it's fantastic, what good news! The nurse answered, To hear your enthusiasm, you must be a relative or a close relationship? Neither one nor the other! I'm Alice Lapointe room 302! Nobody tells me anything here Jesus Christ! :-)

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