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Thursday, 8 September 2011

I love E-Bay & PayPal

It's amazing two website that are design for you to shop on-line.  I've been using E-Bay for many years and I found some amazing stuff in there, as they say  "some man's garbage is some other man's treasure"  I found some of my Ancestor Lee de Forest, Audion Vacuum Tube circa 1907, his first day of circulation stamp and envelope, and recently I was looking for a LCD Projector so I can give presentations using MS PowerPoint or Keynote on a Mac.  I knew that Connect Re-Hab wanted me to be a motivational speaker for people who also sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury and I already did the presentation in KeyNote.  I needed to find a projector that took HDMI connection and that I could use my i-Pad with Keynote.  Well I found a brand new one on E-Bay direct from China, for a mere $209.00.  I paid with PayPal which is  another website that allows you to make payments anywhere in the world.  I just received the projector yesterday and it works like a charm.  I'm looking forward to travelling on business with it and show people the capability of ACC(Avigilon Centrol Centre) from my i-Pad.  I tried it at Jan's House and it works awesome, and for the price of $209.00 CDN  you can't lose, projectors are normally in the thousands of dollars.  This one has 2 HDMI connection plus VGA, and many more.

Visionari Entertainment Home Theatre Projector
Above is a Makita 6313D 12V Cordless Drill w/ Case Charger & Batt. that I won on E-Bay for $52.41 CDN,  I have the exact same drill and the battery was dead and I no longer had the charger, so I went to the local hardware store and a charger was way over $100. 00 and I still didn't know if my current battery was still good or dead.  I looked on E-Bay and won the Bid for $52.41 CDN and the best part is that I not only received the charger, but I got the drill and two batteries and when I tried my Battery, it charged and now I have 3 Batteries and two drill and cases.  Awesome

I guess a reseeding hairline runs in the Forest family as well.

Lee de Forest another descendant of Jesse de Forest.  Lee de Forest was the inventor of the Audion Vacuum Tube which started the Radio Broadcast.  Lee de Forest was known as the father of Radio.  I have one of Lee de Forest Tombstone Radio at home and it still works.  

First Day of issue Stamp of Lee de Forest, "Father of Radio"  stamped in New York, NY 10 Jul 1973 stamp is on Lee de Forest Progress in Electronics envelope,  I won a bid on E-Bay for it.

Above I bought that receiver on e-Bay for a mere $2000.00, all the soldering inside this receiver is done with Gold for better connectivity,  these receiver are worth $100,000 Not a bad deal  They wouldn't ship the receiver to Canada so I had it ship to Intercon's Chicago office in Illinois and they in turn sent it to me in Vancouver.  Where there's a will, there's a way    Above here it has a signal of 398.7077 Mhz that was the frequency transmitted by an illegal RF Device found in Vancouver, BC.

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