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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Great Wedding Reception at my skydiving friend Steve Jollimore

Yesterday was good, Steve Jollimore had invited some friends to celebrate his marriage to Lexy at his house not far from Jan's Re-Hab house where I live.  I went there and had a great BBQ diner of Steak & Chicken and all the trimmings.  I saw several friends there from the Drop Zone in Pitt Meadows, Sandra Dussault, Vlady and cute little Noah, Dave Huntington, Gord Allan, Megan Arnott, Ricki and Paul Wüst, Mark & Larenda Graham to name a few and I even saw Kat Bachmeier from FlyZone vertical Wind Tunnel, after a great evening, Debbie Flanagan the DZ Manager drove me home with her daughter Angie.  I shot a short video, but it was very dark and with video you need lot's of light, I tried boosting the Gamma and Exposure in Final Cut Pro but all I got was what I have below.  Thanks Steve & Lexy, Blue Skies

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