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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Great new product from Thinkflood - RedEye Mini


I bought one and I'm impressed.  It's a Universal Remote Control for ALL your RF equipment in your house, TV, Stereo, stove, microwave, anything that uses an Infrared remote to start or work.  It's called "RedEye Mini" it's very small and plugs into the earphone jack of your iPhone, or  iPad.  I got one, and the first one was defective but I sent it back and they returned me a new one, I tried it at my apartment in Pitt Meadows and I was able to control my TV, DVD, Stereo, bottom line it works great and for the cost it is amazing around $44.99 Cdn on   The great thing now is when I go to my Local Pub for Chicken Wings and a pop, I use to ask the waiter to change the channel on TV and I waited for them to go see the manager ask, beg and forget about me,  Now I just plug my RedEye Mini into my iPhone or iPad and "Voila!", I change it to a channel that I want to watch, that easy.

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