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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Famous Red Book - Get Well JP Hospital Visitors log

Hi again,

I have an excellent brother Emile, when I was in the Hospitals he got a Red Book and most of my visitors would sign-in or leave a message.  I thought I would share the Red Book with you guys, this way it's now in Electronic format thanks to my scanner.  Again, Thanks to all that visited me in Hospital, much appreciated. Below the pages of the book are get Well cards I received and letters.

Below are Get Well Greetings cards and letters that I received in Hospital, 
Thanks to all

Below is the former Lt. Governor of British Columbia The Honourable Iona V. Campagnolo the sister of a skydiving friend John Hardy who told her about my accident and she sent me a nice letter and card and her wishes for a speedy recovery

Very Good friends from Tracadie, NB André & Rosaline Savoie
Brian Arenofsky from New Jersey, USA that use to work at Avigilon with me
Very Good friend Carmelle Lam-Birtch that use to work at Intercon Security with me she sent me flowers
Cheryl Davies the use to Manage the Elizabeth Bagshaw Woman's Clinic now she the VP of BC Childrens Hospital
My Good Friend CSM(Ret) Gary Baura and his wife Liz from Florida
Debbie & Ian Flanagan from Pacific Skydivers Limited
From Nicole  who works at Children's Hospital the Scottish friend of my skydiving friend Galya
From the Staff at Fusion Security, Bruce M, Harry S, Glenys V, Dean B, Darlene B, Bill H
Very Good friend from Montreal Qc Gilles Beaulieu a Professional Ballroom Dancing Professor

Below is the Card and 3 pictures that my Godson Anthony sent me while I was in Hospital, he also came with his mother Pascale to visit me a couple of time from Kauai, Hawaii

From Jim Ingram that use to be at Intercon Security now with Gage Babcock Code Consultants in Vancouver
From John Hardy and his wife Margie and their dog Jesse  John is brother of The Honourable Iona V. Campagnolo former Lt. Governor of BC above
From Kari Alto from Gage Babcock Code Consultants in Vancouver works with Jim Ingram above
Kyle Arenofsky son of Brian Arenofsky from New Jersey, USA that use to work at Avigilon with me

From Nadine Colpo a skydiving friend
From the Porter family, Dan, Elke, Natalya, Sophia, I skydive with Dan in Pitt Meadows
A Post Card from Shane & Nesta from Australia, I skydive with them in Pitt Meadows, BC
A Greetings Card from Shane & Nesta that I skydive with.
From Terry Fisher that I skydive with in Pitt Meadows, BC
From Andreas Tize that I skydive with in Pitt Meadows, BC
Good wishes card From my Nephew Jason & his wife Della
they cancelled their honeymoon so they could come to the Hospital to see me
They had just gotten married 12 July 2008 prior to my crash
Card from TJ Patton and Irish Martin O'Brien that I worked with at Intercon Security 
 Nice Card from the Elizabeth Bagshaw Woman's Clinic staff that I worked there doing Close Personal Protection for  Dr. Gary Romalis who survived two Assassination attempts already and visited me at Re-Hab in Langley, BC

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