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Monday, 19 September 2011

Drunk driving in Singapore

I got this from our former SSF RSM John Marr, he has a good point. Wow!!! This hurt just to watch it, brutal, but I'll tell you it's more  effective than a $500 fine with probation

I can assure you that this would end most drunk driving and many other crimes. It would turn many jails into old folks homes are public housing and put a lot of law enforcement people out of work. Would also be a good deterrent for the Vancouver rioters.

Singapore Punishment for drunk driving, 1st offence  Nine lashes with a rattan cane for  drunk driving first offense! The second offence is worse!  I'd bet  he couldn't sit down for several weeks after this one. This man was  caught driving while under the influence of alcohol, in Singapore,  first offense. Singapore does not have a big drunk  driving problem.  After watching this I can understand why they don't  have a big problem with drunk driving.


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