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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Bus Ride to Staples & Back - 29 September 2011

Well today I took the BC Transit Bus by myself to Staples where I got some more Blank DVD cases and printer ink for my Canon MP560 inkjet printer, and a Ream of Inkjet paper, now I'm ready to finish some more DVD's On the way there I went to Shoppers and mailed a DVD each to my Mom, my Brother and sister in Montreal, it's a DVD of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Donny Osmond, he did a movie of it after I was his bodyguard.  I stopped at Raunchy Ronnie "McDonalds" for lunch and had a small cheeseburger meal,  it's definitely not the best food, but at least they are ISO Certified, which only means that they are consistent in how they make their food, no matter where you go, it's the same awful food, but there consistent, hence there ISO Certified. I took the bus back to Connect Re-Hab house, all that travelling to and back for $2.10 as I'm using BC Transit booklet passes they are cheaper then the regular $2.50 cash in coins.

 I took the bus back to Langley

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