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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bus Ride from Pitt Meadows and back by myself 17 Sept 2011

Well today was a quiet Saturday so I took the BC Transit Bus to Pitt Meadows and I went to my apartment in Pitt Meadows to try the new wireless router that I had installed and bought was working,   I couldn't get it to work and found out that the actual Phone line is down, so is the ADSL  so I Text Telus by being on the Neighbours WiFi and they will send a Technician tomorrow to fix it. Another trip tomorrow as they only tell you they'll be there between 9AM and 4:40PM.  I took the BC Transit Bus back to Jan's house for dinner

I took the bus back to Langley, BC  I love the new Golden Ears Bridge it only takes an hour or so to go to Pitt Meadows and Back to Langley, it is sure faster and more economical than driving around or taking the Albion ferry which no longer exist.

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