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Friday, 2 September 2011

Another Great Friday at Avigilon Corporation

Well today I took a Cab by Myself  to  Dr. Du in Surrey, BC Dr Du told me that I was doing really good and will see me next month , once a month is good enough, so the next time will be  Friday September 30th at 9AM Then I took a Cab to Avigilon Corporation in Richmond, BC.  Thanks Pat MacIntosh.  I worked there by myself and packaged and assembled about 250 accessory bags  in the time I was there.  I went to Sandwich Tree restaurant for lunch that is walking distance from the office I took a Taxi to FlyZone in Delta BC where I had a wonderful 10 minutes of flying in the wind tunnel, the taxi drove me back to Jan's place in Langley, when I got there there was a package for me to sign for, it was my Cam Eye II for my skydiving camera helmet.  I didn't have a glue gun to glue it on so I took the bus to and back from Home Depot where I could smell the Harvey's Hamburgers, it reminds me of shooting Gopher's in Cobden, Ontario when I was  in CFB Petawawa.  My Good Friend Frank Fera AKA: Paco he's the one that convinced me to re-muster to MP from Combat Engineer, me and Paco use to Go to Cobden Ontario and shoot Gophers with a Seiko model 1600, 22-250, he had an awesome scope he use to say that all he saw was teeth and fur.  We would get paid by the farmers about a dollar a tail for each gopher we would kill, so we brought 50 reloaded bullets that travelled at about 4000FPS and we would kill 50 Gophers, then we would go to Harvey's Restaurant for Burgers and fries.  Good old days.

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