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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Old CFB Chatam, NB MP Section

Above is a Thank You letter from David Morris, owner and general Manager of the Opera House nightclub in Newcastle, NB where lots of Serviceman went to party on weekends.  One day he told me about some prints that had been stolen by who he thought was in the CF.  I found that the suspect had been posted to CFB Borden Ontario, I contacted CFB Borden Military Police and requested there assistance and we recovered both prints.  All in a days work.

I found some other negatives of when I was an MP in CFB Chatam, NB working for Sgt. Al Theriault in Invest,  There's a couple of guys in here. I'll write their name below.

 Sgt Alain Theriault now with the Bank of Canada security and investigations
 Andre P├ępin now with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police(RCMP)
 Darryl Bean now MWO Bean, CFB Esquimalt Military Police Section
 I think it's Denise Doucet preparing a camera, now she's a MWO at CFSIS Military Police School in CFB Borden, Ontario
 Me in my UC disguise
 Kevin Jackson, now Inspector Kevin Jackson with the RCMP
 Kevin Jackson again

Scott Yantha Stag Party

Long Distance call on the Big White Telephone to a guy name "Ralph"

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  1. VERY Very cool pics from the past. Well done.
    Rob Estey