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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Found some more old photos

I just went to my apartment in Pitt meadows by BC Transit Bus and I found some photos that were just laying there waiting for me to Scan them, here they are:

 My friend Jean-Luc Losier preparing the Christmas tree at my mom's old place in Tracadie, NB
 Jean-Luc Losier talking with Hector Boudreau
When I first moved to BC, I was at my friend Jerry Grenier that was in the Airborne Engineer with me at 2CER in CFB Petawawa and had just re-mustered to Military Police like I did  and was now at CFB Comox, BC on Vancouver Island.  I had a Birthday cake made for my good friend Gene Wade back in Tracadie, NB as I was going to miss her birthday that year.  Jerry later came to work with me doing Close Protection work by Keeping Rakesh Saxena under house arrest at his condo on his dime.  Jerry later went to work for the Military Criminal Tribunal in The Hague, The Netherlands
This is the horse that I was riding and at a good run when he decided that he would stop dead in his track, which made me continue and fly over him and I landed on the ground, I got up and punched the horse in the head.  Darryl Bean that was a Military Policeman with me in CFB Chatam, was also riding besides me  looked at us and laughed it off.

I put a cowboy hat on him, teach him to throw me off him

Darryl Bean with his horse, he's probably still laughing at me from the fall

 Julie Bédard, Pascale and me in a photo booth when they first came to Vancouver, BC

Above two photos is when we went to see "Les Folies de Paris" in Québec city with Robbie Robichaud, Ti-Bob Julie Bédard's husband, Me, front row, Pascale, the girl played by a Guy, Julie Bédard, and Jocelyne Simard

Pascale Simard and Julie Bédard at the Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver, BC

Serge(Mr.Guerre) Losier in Hospital in Tracadie, NB with his mom Eliette Losier

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