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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Good Video editor

I guess I should introduce you to another good looking friend that is now in California, USA.  Her name is Jessica McKee and I first met her at a LEVA Conference in Vancouver.  She's beautiful, Blue Eyes, and Later she introduced me to her boyfriend at the time Alex Eggenberger who use to work for Qimaging in Burnaby that was owned by my current President & CEO Alexander Fernandes, having for CFO Wan Jung, VP Pierre Parkinson  and also Andrew Martz worked there also and other Avigilon empoyees as well.  I remember Jessica once told me that her boyfriend Alex worked for a Camera Manufacturer in Burnaby, BC and I told her at the time that all camera manufacturers were in Japan or China, little did I know.  So she introduced me to Alex and Alex brought Alexander Fernandes to Intercon's office where I was hired to do an investigation into a laptop that had gone missing.  I subsequently did several other TSCM investigation for Qimaging which were in fact Cameras Manufacturer, they were building Fire Wire IEEE 1394 Microscope Cameras that were amazing Alexander Fernandes later sold Qimaging to Roper Industries in the US  Alexander shortly after he asked me if I would get in on the ground floor as an investor and be a Co-Founder of a new company that he would call A-Vigil-On(AVIGILON) to be perpetually Alert and Watchful.  I did and so did my VP at Intercon Security Bruce Marginson and I don't regret it at all and I'm actually thankful to Jessica for the initial introduction.  Jessica worked for VPD Odd Squad Production Society at the time and knew Grant Fredericks that was with VPD and is with AVID in Spokane, Wa now  she's quite familiar with the Odd Squad "Through a Blue Lens" video they did.  Jessica came for a Tandem Skydive in Pitt Meadows on Oct 21 2001, she now works in California USA as a freelance editor. Her Tandem Video is at the end this BLOG page.

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